Befriend Your Self

The Befriend Your Self video series is a collection of online videos that invite you to practice kindness towards yourself. The series invites you to befriend your body, your breath and your mind so that you can come to a place of acceptance for whatever circumstance you might find yourself in. Too often, we fight against ourselves by trying to fix or change something about ourselves or a situation beyond our control, hoping that will make us feel happier. In reality, when we can be present with where we are at any given moment we become more resilient when challenges inevitably come our way.

The series includes more than three hours of guided instruction across nine video-based classes. Mix and match depending on what kindness you want to offer your true Self today:

  • Befriend Your Body: a 26-minute gentle yoga class, a 48-minute slow flow yoga class, and a 60-minute Hatha flow yoga class.
  • Befriend Your Breath: a 7-minute calming breath, an 8-minute balancing breath, and a 12-minute energizing breath.
  • Befriend Your Mind: a 6-minute awareness meditation, a 10-minute focus meditation, and a 15-minute embodied energy meditation
  • PLUS a downloadable workbook with journaling prompts to deepen your connection to Self.

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Befriend Your Body

Befriending your body can be tough. In our society, we're basically taught not to. But let's try something on for size here...

Imagine for a moment that your body is a good friend. A real pal. Someone who protects you, who takes care of you, who wants the best for you. You and your friend change and grow and shift and adapt to whatever life throws at you. Your body might disappoint you from time to time (I know mine has), but at the end of the day, you couldn't be human without it. You're in this life together. Your relationship is a two-way street. 

Learn how to befriend your body with mindful yoga classes that invite you to move in ways that support you.

Befriend Your Breath

How well do you know your most precious resource, your greatest ally? Getting to know my breath and learning to work with your breath is one of the most powerful tools for mindful and intentional living.

When you befriend your breath, you can be reminded of your innate power. When you befriend your breath, you experience your limitless potential. When you befriend my breath, you come to know that peace is always within.

Befriend Your Mind

Tens of thousands of thoughts pass through your mind on any given day. How many of those thoughts are helpful? How many might be taking you further and further away from 

Our thoughts create our feelings, which greatly influences how we act in/react to the world around us. When you befriend your mind, you accept that thoughts and feelings come and go. You embrace your own ability to notice your thought patterns and reclaim those that help you develop gratitude, creativity, generosity, forgiveness and compassion. The more we can focus the mind in meditation, the more adaptive and responsive we can be to life's ever-changing circumstances.

Buy Now for only $47!


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