I'm writing this blog post from the airport in Hong Kong, en route to Bali for an intensive, immersive yoga teacher training course. I left around midnight yesterday (or two days ago? I'm not sure, time zones are weird) and have another 8 hours or so before I find myself in Ubud, aka "the gateway to Bali's cultural heartland."
This is the farthest and longest I have travelled and I was struck with a feeling of awe and comedy at the notion that I left in darkness (physical, not emotional) to travel through darkness, to arrive in darkness. Days have passed but haven't really passed at all. Time really is so relative. 
Even as I sit in the airport now after the sun has risen, Hong Kong is foggy, with visibility reaching only to the end of the runway. I really have no idea what wonder lies before me (the symbolism isn't lost on me, don't worry!).
I'm feeling all sorts of feels right about now... Excited, nervous, discombobulated (again, time zones are weird) but above all, open to whatever comes next. And without trying to attach myself to too many expectations, I have a feeling this trip is going to have a pretty big impact. 
I hope to keep you posted, dear reader, on what unfolds over the next five weeks. Follow along on Instagram or keep reading. Until next time...


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Nicole is an adventurer, a dreamer, a sister, a daughter, a wife and a friend. She lives in Hamilton, has two cats named Cello and Edi, and is a registered yoga teacher.

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