If I can fail more than you, I will learn more than you. Because every time I fail; every time I engage with a human and it doesn’t work, I’ve learned something you didn’t learn. ~ Seth Godin 

I’ve never been one for setting resolutions. In fact, I actively opposed the idea for quite some time. This year, when listening to a recent episode of the From the Heart podcast, I was intrigued by the idea of setting intentions for the year ahead, rather than specific (often arbitrary) goals.

“Intention” is a bit of a buzz-word in the yoga world. Setting an intention basically asks you to think about how you want to feel as a result of something, and then align your actions accordingly. 

In the context of a new year, you can think of your intentions as guidelines that you check in with anytime you’re faced with a new opportunity or challenge, if you’re unsure of a decision you have to make or if you are questioning a particular course of action to take. 

After some reflection and meditation, I have come up with the following intentions for myself in 2018. With these intentions I will set goals that align with my big-picture vision and then identify the tasks and timelines needed to achieve those goals.

Be my own source of inspiration 

I am definitely guilty of looking outside of myself for inspiration, especially when I’m just getting started on a task. Whether it’s saving eye-catching Instagram posts, looking at others' website content, or waiting for “the right time” to start a new project. Doing all of those things are fine in moderation, but in 2018 I want to notice when I’m spending a little too much time looking to what others are doing and check back in with myself and remember the awesome things I have already done. With that momentum, I can forge ahead to implement my new ideas. 

Trust my own wisdom

Anyone else guilty of feeling like you don’t yet know enough to share with the world? Or to teach others? So you keep taking courses, keep reading books and articles until you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of questioning whether you know anything at all? I know I sure have, and I am working hard to remind myself that I will never know everything. It’s impossible. So now that we have that out of the way, why not just share what I do know? I’ve studied a ton and know a lot, so why not start there? Sure the fear of failure (getting it wrong or not being good enough) is definitely there but at the end of the day I am likely to learn the most by actually applying my knowledge, and sharing it with others. 

I heard a great quote from Seth Godin on the Building a StoryBrand podcast that nails this one on the head for me: “If I can fail more than you, I will learn more than you. Because every time I fail; every time I engage with human and it doesn’t work, I’ve learned something you didn’t learn.” 

Stay focused on the task at hand 

Do I really need to mention how many millions of pieces of information get thrown at us in any given day? Even as I sit here, music is playing upstairs, my cats are asking to be fed, a new email has come in and I am reminded that I bought a yummy coconut chocolate cluster thingie to snack on. While some distractions are harder to avoid then others (cats and snacks), I can definitely work on improving my productivity by getting clear on what I want to achieve and staying focused on the tasks required to get there. 

I’m going to use the FOCUS acronym for this one: Follow One Course Until Successful. 

Be of service

In whatever way I can but especially in the everyday, seemingly mundane moments (wake up: those moments make up life). I took an amazing workshop with Jen Pastiloff in Tampa recently (it’s called ‘On Being Human’ and it was amazing. I will write more about it soon) and she shared a mantra that she uses inspired by a talk she heard by Wayne Dyer. It is asking yourself every day, as often as you can: “How May I Serve”. Being of services to others, for others, ultimately means opening more of myself up to love

Sharing vulnerability and expressing compassion. Being of service connects us to our shared humanity and opens us up for a better world. That’s something I definitely want to feel more of coming into the new year. 

Embody my truth

I have intuitively saved the best for last because this one keeps coming up for me; and really embodies (hah, see that?) the other four intentions I have set for myself above. I have done a lot of work over the last few years to get really clear on who I am and what I am here to do in this world and now it’s time to own it. I have some new projects in the works that I am close to sharing with you all but until then, I will march into 2018 with the intention to remind myself of my own inspiration and wisdom, I will stay focused on realizing my dreams and will open myself up to opportunities to be of service to others. 

What intentions have you set for yourself? Share them in the comments! 

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Nicole is a life coach and certified yoga instructor specializing in hatha, vinyasa, restorative yoga and meditation. Her goal is to help you find your power, your potential and your peace through compassionate self-inquiry with these practices.

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