Yoga offers something for everyone. My goal as a teacher is to help you find your yoga: to encourage you to move in a way that feels good for your body and guide you through your own journey. 

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Private Classes

I offer private or semi-private yoga and meditation classes online via video conference and in the comfort of your own home. Private classes are great for:

  • People who want to make time for yoga in their unique schedule
  • People who are shy about attending a group class or want to feel more comfortable with yoga
  • People who want dedicated support towards achieve a specific goal through yoga – whether to increase your flexibility and strength, manage stress, find peace and relaxation.
  • People who are recovering from trauma or suffer from anxiety. 

Contact me for pricing on multiple private or semi-private sessions.

Group Studio Classes ** Currently on hold during the pandemic **

Intro to Yoga

MONDAYS, 5:30-6:30PM at In Fine Feather Yoga Studio

Learn the fundamentals of the yoga practice, where movements are broken down individually with close attention to the alignment of postures. Whether you're beginning your yoga journey or you're walking the path, this class will connect you with you body, breath and mind.

Gentle Yoga

TUESDAYS, 8:30-9:30PM at In Fine Feather Yoga Studio

This class uses gentle movement and lots comforting restorative yoga postures. You'll be supported with props and gentle instructions in this intimate class. Please dress warmly, wear socks and bring a blanket.

Flow & Release

FRIDAYS, 12:10-1:00PM at Suru Studio

This class combines yin and yang energies to leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Energize your body with dynamic movement that stretches and strengthens your muscles and then wind down with restorative poses to relax the body and mind. The perfect practice to help combat your mid-day slump.

Vinyasa Light

WEDNESDAYS, 12:10-1:00PM at Suru Studio

Move from one pose to the next with a modified sun salutation sequence. This flow encourages you to move at your own pace, gradually building your own heat. Accessible to all bodies, modifications are provided and props are encouraged. 


Be Sure to check out my Free Your Fearless Heart workshop.

Special Events

Grab a group of friends for an energizing, relaxing, or meditative experience! From bachelorettes to baby showers, and birthdays to wedding days, yoga is a fun and meaningful way to spend time with friends and family.

75-minute yoga session includes:

  • Completely customized session designed to suit your group’s needs
  • 1:1 consultation and planning
  • Yoga mats
  • On-location or downtown Hamilton studio option

Contact me for pricing and availability.


Nicole is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. Her compassion and love of yoga create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to practice. Her classes are a space of unconditional love, joy, and growth. Attending her classes as a teacher, I always find myself learning something new. Namaste Nicole 

Ali P.
Yoga Teacher

Nicole was one of the first yoga instructor whose style I really connected with. She creates a very relaxed and welcoming environment, demonstrating and talking through each pose so that it's easy to follow along.

Kevin D.

Nicole's knowledge and passion for yoga is evident in her practice. Her sequences are very creative with a strong focus on alignment and mind body awareness. I always leave her classes feeling balanced and re-energized!

Oriana C.

It was the best yoga class I have ever been too. I look forward to this class all week. It nourishes my mind and spirit as well as my body.

Chris R.

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