How to Know if Going on a Retreat is Right For You

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 21:54
I share my three "I's" about how to know if going on a retreat is right for you, and some writing prompts to help you heed the call of your heart

Bali bound! Adventures in yoga teacher trainings - Part 1

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 21:22
I'm writing this blog post from the airport in Hong Kong, en route to Bali for an intensive, immersive yoga teacher training course. I left around midnight yesterday (or two days ago? I'm not sure, time zones are weird) and have another 8 hours or so before I find myself in Ubud, aka "the gateway to Bali's cultural heartland."

Yoga and I: Shy Acquaintances, Fast Friends

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 16:29
If you would have asked me three years ago if I would be teaching yoga, I would have thought you were absurd because I couldn’t even touch my toes.* Also, I had only practiced yoga a handful of times! And yet, here I am! Teaching, learning, loving yoga (almost) everyday.  

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