Writing is a powerful tool for inquiry, exploration and expression.

When I use writing for personal self-reflection, inspiration and insight tend to arrive quickly.

I incorporate writing into my yoga practice, and offer the experience to others in the form of Fearless Heart Flow

My Work

Professionally, I love writing content for people or brands that seek to inspire and empower. Topics I am most passionate about include health, wellness, spirituality, eco-conscious and plant-based living. I can write for any audience, in any format including blogs, articles, web copy, social media captions.

I write frequently for thesevalife.com as their Lead Author and Co-Founder. You can also read some of my personal reflections here on my blog. I have also written for companies including SwissInfo.ch, Sonique Ltd., the National Council for Voluntary Organizations and Health Shared Services Ontario, as well as freelance ghost-writing for larger corporate brands.

If you would like to work with me, please contact me with what you're looking for and I can send you additional information.

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