No Place to Hide: What 10 Days of Silence Taught Me About My Mind

In meditation, we often talk about taming the "monkey mind." Unlike the images of a chimp swinging smoothly from branch to branch, in the first few days of silence, my mind seemed more like a rabid baboon lashing out at anything it can get its hands on.



How to Know if Going on a Retreat is Right For You

I share my three "I's" about how to know if going on a retreat is right for you, and some writing prompts to help you heed the call of your heart



Listening to Fear: A Screenplay

I pride myself on being generally good at keeping my cool.

I am capable of staying very level-headed in the midst of stressful situations, and am almost always able to channel things like tight deadlines into laser-focused and productive energy. But the other day, I woke up and immediately felt anxious. I literally felt anxiety in my chest and knots in my belly, before I had even gotten out of bed! 

So that was new.



Lean into Fear; Lean into Life

Fear operates on the level of the mind. It's a signal meant to protect us from danger, physical or emotional. But our fear response will hold us back if we let it.  And if we let our fears call the shots in the background of our minds, you can bet there is a whole world, a whole life, we're missing out on.



Setting Intentions (Your New Years Resolutions Are Over)

Did you know January 12 is known as “Quitters Day”? Recent research has pinpointed it as the most likely day of the year where people would give up on their New Year’s resolutions. Here is why I am setting intentions, instead of resolutions (and why you should too).



Making Space, Finding Place: A Year in Review

“Our life consists of small deliberate choices & actions. Like beads on a string, they add up and define us. To create a life we LOVE, those small choices & actions must be inspired by our TRUE desires, our desired feelings.” - Katya Nova




Self care is king (and queen!)

How we treat others is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. So what better way to help others than by first helping ourselves and taking time for self-care activities?



Time flies when you're having fun

Or when you're busy AF. 

Read on to find out what I have been up to. You'll like it (if you like free yoga or kittens). 



On having courage. Adventures in yoga teacher training - Part 4

Yoga teacher training is not for the faint of heart. 



On climbing volcanoes in the middle of the night. Adventures in yoga teacher training - Part 3

Another day off has arrived, marking the half-way point in the advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training course I am undertaking in the sticky but spirited city of Ubud. Some new learnings will follow but first, a story: 



Yoga as a gift. Adventures in yoga teacher training - Part 2

I am one week deep into a 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Ubud, Bali, currently enjoying a blissfully quiet day off. The training days have been incredible -- the lectures and workshops are fascinating, the people are nothing short of wonderful and the vegetarian food is delicious! 



Bali bound! Adventures in yoga teacher trainings - Part 1

I'm writing this blog post from the airport in Hong Kong, en route to Bali for an intensive, immersive yoga teacher training course. I left around midnight yesterday (or two days ago? I'm not sure, time zones are weird) and have another 8 hours or so before I find myself in Ubud, aka "the gateway to Bali's cultural heartland."



Oreos are vegan and other things I have learned since changing my diet

Oreos are vegan*. This has been perhaps the most exciting revelation I have made since making the conscious decision a few months ago to stop eating most animal products/by-products. Nevermind that there is nothing “natural” or “healthy” about Oreos.



Going deep

I don’t know what happened on my mat today (or, um in the universe?), but I don’t need to know. I feel what happened and accept it for exactly what it was, as it was. It was exactly what I needed.



Next level gratitude: unlocking the potential

In my previous post, I shared some tips for finding and expressing feelings of gratitude. Now that you can identify opportunities to acknowledge said feelings, how can you get the most out of practicing gratitude?


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